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Article introduction

Sugar must be put when making pork of braise in soy sauce, generally speaking the commonnest is to put white sugar, also can put rock candy to perhaps put brown sugar, it is possible, putting crystal sugar among them is better, after because rock candy can make,flesh of braise in soy sauce has been done, look at especially other and bright, in color respect it is the most good-looking, as common practice, it is OK to should put white sugar only, and white sugar still can have the effect that extracts delicacy.

Can flesh of braise in soy sauce use white sugar

Practice of flesh of braise in soy sauce


Advocate makings: 5 beautiful pork (what is 5 beautiful pork? It is a of a the sort of fertilizer lean meat, number of plies has been jumped over more more. Common saying says to want to eat fleshy fertilizer in thin! ) 2 jins (do not do too less otherwise give meat of delicious braise in soy sauce! ) ,

Condiment: Salt, candy (had better be) of rock candy end, green paragraph, jiang Pian, cooking wine (want besides candy as to dosage outside 3 big spoon other and main read individual taste)

Can flesh of braise in soy sauce use white sugar


The dice after 1. flesh is abluent, put in the cold water that added cooking wine to immerse 5 minutes. Fish out drop does water.

2. heats up boiler cool oil, wait for smoke of oily slight cap to join rock candy ceaseless agitate, you can discover the elephantine white sugar that begins glittering and translucent rock candy to be able to change, resemble yellow candy next, resemble next like red pond next… not next! Add the meat at once otherwise candy was papered! Your scoop does not stop! Continue agitate! Candy can be hanged on the flesh very inhomogenous, leave it alone to continue agitate your. At this moment candy can be hanged equably on the flesh because of heating reason.

3. is added now1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Water! End crosses the flesh can, return Duan Jiang having green piece. Big baked wheaten cake leaves, make down fire boils half hour.

4. can add salt in the flesh before now. (Notice this one condition please, just add salt when the flesh boils 6 maturity only! The reason has two: 1. Add salt early to be able to make protein contractive, the flesh is boiled not easily sodden 2. The what salt of your family expenses? What salt… ? Be stupid! Iodic salt! Does iodine heat how to meet? Do not know? Go back break up turn over chemistry of junior high school! )

5. boils 15-20 again minute OK! Fasten first urgentLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Move eat, if you are to mix the enthusiastic lover of the meal, can go up now desk. If you like,do dry red carbonado to open conflagration to rely on to do juice to go up again then desk.

Practice 2

Raw material

Advocate makings: Steaky pork of the pig that take a skin 1000 grams.

Burden: Chinese cabbage heart 20.

Condiment: The plant is oily 1000 grams (Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Without loss) , beer 100 grams, salt 8 grams, gourmet powder 1 gram, gallinaceous essence pink 1 gram, pepper 1 gram, candy 10 grams, soy 10 grams, ginger 15 grams, green 15 grams, balm, cassia bark, anise, full dry any of several hot spice plants each 6 grams, rummy juice 10 grams.

Can flesh of braise in soy sauce use white sugar

Make a way

1. steaky pork bake in a pan uses up Yu Mao, blow into hot water wash clean, cut 2.5 centimeters of square piece, bloat with beer, rummy juice, soy be soiled.

2. ginger is patted broken, green is hitLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Knot, chinese cabbage heart is abluent and stand-by.

On fire of flourishing of 3. boiler buy, put vegetable oil, burn become golden yellow fish out into steaky pork blast to the 7 nowadays that become heat, drop does oily cent.

Oil of a few bottom takes inside 4. boiler, knot of beer, soy, cassia bark, full dry any of several hot spice plants, anise, Jiang Kuai, green, clear water, salt is joined after frying white sugar color giving candy, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Pink of essence of gourmet powder, chicken, high-pressured boiler is entered after be being burned inside, the steaky pork with put bomb good again (Pingqi raw material is Shang Zhiyi accurate) , build good boiler shell, flourishing presses 17 minutes to be taken out after the gas on boil of baked wheaten cake.

Bottom oil is added inside 5. boiler, play Chinese cabbage heart, salt, fry come to give birth to tasty back wall to enter dish in, again steaky pork orderly place dish inside, drench on former juice is become namely.

Characteristic: Gong Liang of colour and lustre, crisp sodden not be bored with.

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Note: This dish fastens the red carbonado after reforming, the market supplies rhythm fast, economic benefits beautiful, love by deadbeat.

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