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People can have various fish, but a lot of people do not know piscine liver to be able to eat, actually this problem wants divisional look upon, the piscine liver that has a few fish is poisonous, for instance the piscine liver of Spanish mackerel and carp and cod cannot eat, ate to may be brought about toxic, but the piscine liver that also has a lot of fish does not have poison, this kind of fish liver that does not have poison can eat.

Can piscine liver eat? Dietary expert so say!

The first, piscine liver can eat

Piscine liver can eat.

Piscine liver is a fish store in the body the place of a variety of nutriment, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Its contain a lot ofthe microelement such as D of vitamin A, vitamin and iron, right amount place of can compensatory body needs liver having a fish nurture is qualitative.

Can piscine liver eat? Dietary expert so say!

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The 2nd, piscine liver eats much

Piscine liver eats much bad.

The cholesterol in piscine liver and purine content are high, eat much cause a person easily to absorb cholesterol exorbitant, endanger effect to kidney and cardiovascular generation, still can be opposite the bone health of human body produces undesirable effect.

Can piscine liver eat? Dietary expert so say!

The 3rd, what person is unfavorable liver having a fishForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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1, the purine content of piscine liver is high, gouty patient is unfavorable liver having a fish;

2, the cholesterol content of piscine liver is high, the person that has cardiovascular disease is unfavorable liver having a fish;

3, cheeper, old people reachs pregnant woman to wait to also should not be eat the food with exorbitant cholesterol.

The 4th, the note of liver having a fish

Piscine liver has alexipharmic function, because this collects toxin particularly easily also, so before edible fish liver, should decide the fish did not get environmental pollution. In addition, piscine liver and piscine bravery are linked together, a piscine bravery break is fastened when cleaning piscine liver, affect taste not only otherwise, cause possibly still toxic.

The 5th, piscine liver is toxic semiotic body is asked for

More or less are semiotic weight and appetite concerned, appear in hour of the number after feeding commonly have a headache, giddy, disgusting, vomit, bellyacke, diarrhoea, calorific aversion to cold, be addicted to sleeps, faint, the heartbeat is accelerated, eye conjunctiva congests, conjunctiva issues haemorrhage, skin tide is red, send rash or have blister, buccal week is facial skin desquamate, spread to the whole body later, evenLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The hair falls off, or liver reachs liver area tenderness greatly, apophysis of the Xin before the baby has more and irritating, have occasionally spend meninx gently to stimulate a symptom.

The 6th, piscine liver is toxic the cure that use drug

1, do not want edible fish liver to be used at what treat a disease to must undertake below the guidance of doctor of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

2, the attention when edible fish is cleared and splanchnic wait for poisonous place, lest be fed by accident.

Toxic traditional Chinese medical science treats piscine liver method

Spit in order to urge give priority to, be like melon the base of a fruitSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Medicinal powder. Composition: Melon the base of a fruit a minute (boil yellow) , bare red bean a minute. On 2 flavour, pound a sieve severally, to come loose already, close those who treat. Take one money an ancient type of spoon, close with sweet Chi, with hot Shang Qige, boil rare rotten, go Zi, take juice to close medicinal powder, lukewarm, take suddenly. NotA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The person that spit, add less less, must spit quickly, stop therefore.

Piscine liver is toxic belong to modern medicine urgent disease to handle a category, with Western medicine cure is given priority to, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats lay particular stress on to be recuperated at later period airframe. Piscine liver is toxic Western medicine treats a method, advocate if urge,spit, gastric lavage, fluid infusion and treat to disease.

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