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” destroy a soldier 4 ” a few days ago already open preload, regard engine of Id Tech 6 as the first game originally, draw qualitative aggrandizement not only, still join mode of numerous and modern play, special interest explodes. The government also disclosed the newest content of mode of this the person that make sheet now.

Actually, stand-alone mode becomes doomsday chrysanthemum already quickly in present game, but Bethesda however not so think, the group that make designed a technological process of whole single person mode to this making, included many exploration, battle, adventurous element, frank feeling and deepness all beautiful.

A lot of congener game are done well still in the promotive respect after the player is explored, ” destroy a soldier 4 ” not exceptional also, producer Marty Stratton described the single person pattern that changes and exploration award content, his say: The length that this making absolutely not shrink, our interior had a lot of tests, let a lot of players also share an experience, we summed up much experience. In addition, difficulty is in ” ruined soldier 4 ” in also be one big characteristic. We hope most player uses common difficulty get through game, exploration is underground, upgrade article is waited a moment, in the test, the flow of most player is between 13 16 hour, if your difficulty is enough tall, or you hope to find all secret, so this still will increase greatly for a short while.

Be in ” ruined soldier 4 ” in, existing a lot of content that need a player to explore discovery, ” destroy a soldier 4 ” the trailblazer that regards FPS as game, this make newly besides the hard nucleus content that carries original game, still will join modern play mode, for instance Fu Wenjiang changes weapon system, challenge mode, still include numerous and classical weapon of course, maintain the BFG weapon of full screen for instance.

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